Osu Summer Festival 2019 – the Most Bizarre Hot Celebration in Nagoya!



Osu Summer Festival takes place annually for 2 days in the Osu area. Osu is in the middle of Nagoya city and is one of the most popular touristy places in Nagoya. There are who main temples – Osu-kannon and Banshoji and the town lie between them. It’s a town of mixed cultures: old and young, traditional and modern, Japanese and foreign. You will also see some subcultures like anime, cosplay, and so on. As you walk through the city, various things pop up here and there! Old wooden buildings, newly opened cafés, anime cosplay cafes, used kimono shops, international restaurants like Turkish, Taiwanese, Brazilian, Korean, Italian. How can you not enjoy a festival in such a hot town! Things you will see at the festival might seem a little bizarre for a Japanese festival: Cosplay festival, bon-dancing, and even Brazilian Samba parade!

About Osu Town

In 1324, the original Osu-kannon temple was built in Gifu prefecture by the order of Emperor Go-Daigo. In 1610, as Nagoya government got in power, they focused on better construction of the town. During this period, Manshoji temple was in the nearby area moved to the place where it is now. In 1612, Shinfukuji temple (current Osu-kannon) was moved to Osu area by the order of Tokugawa Ieyasu. Many people gradually started their business around the area since it was on the way to Nagoya castle.
Unfortunately, it burned during World War Ⅱ. However, a lot of efforts made the town prosperous again. Two subway lines also opened, which helped it to become the most interesting town in the city!

Things to Do and See

Cosplay Parade

Be sure to check out the Cosplay Parade! This parade features over 1,000 people: from young to old, foreigners and Japanese, students and adults. They all dress up in cosplay costumes, and that scenery is going to amaze you for sure! For those who want to join the cosplay parade, you just need to wear a dress. There is no need to register beforehand.

Other Parades

Aside from the cosplay parade, there are so many other kinds of parades: samba parade, Awa-dancing parade, Bon-dancing parade and many more!

Bon Dance

At night, Bon dance takes place around Osu-kannon temple. Anyone can join, and it would look even better if you prepare a yukata and wear it before.

Stage Performances

There is a performance stage in the middle of the venue, and so many different groups give various performances during the festival.


At the end of the festival, you will admire the fireworks display including Tezutu Hanabi. Hanabi means fireworks and Tezutsu means a cylindrical tube. People hold the tubes while they shoot until the fireworks finish.

Festival Breakdown

Osu Summer Festival usually takes place for two days sometime in July or August. It seems like it happens on the first weekend in August.

On the 1st day, you can expect to see Samba parade, and other parades throughout the day and the cosplay parade will be on the 2nd day of the festival. However, further information will be on the festival website once it’s been decided. Bon dance and the fireworks will be also on the second day at the closing of the festival. The estimated time for the fireworks is around 9:00-9:30 pm.

Details and Access

Dates: In 2019, August 3rd – 4th (estimated). This festival takes place each year in late July or early August. Please refer to the official website to check the dates closer to July.

Place: Osu Shopping District

Address: 2-21-47 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi prefecture

Official website:


By car:

It takes only 20 minutes from Nagoya station area however Please refrain from car usage since the parking space is limited around the area and I might take forever to find some.

By public transportation:

1 minute-walk from:
Osu-kannonstation – subway Tsurumai line
Kamimae-zu station- subway Tsurumai or Meijo lines

Closing Remarks

Well, can you think of any other festivals that have similar characteristics?
…May be no!
You should come and join the Osu Summer Festival! This festival lasts for two days, and it would be so much fun to spend both days there. Please enjoy the parades, performances, food, people, and everything!
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