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Oujima is one of the parts which belongs to Okinawa Prefecture. This place is small and located in south Okinawa. In Oujima, there is a festival for having a good fishing and safety. That is Oujima Unjami Festival.

What Is Oujima Unjami Festival?:

“Unjami” is the word only people in Okinawa use and its meaning is “the god of the ocean”. In this festival, they have boat races. There are some kinds of races and all of them are harder than a normal boat race. The racers ride on boats called “Hari” and row boats with oars. Now I will introduce the details of this festival.

What to Do and See in Oujima Unjami Festival:

As I described above, there are boat races in Oujima Unjami Festival. They have many types of races. Basically, the racers are divided into two teams, east team called “Agari”, and west team called “Iri”. One is called “Nagarebune”. In this race, racers jump from a bridge onto boats floating on the ocean. It is so exciting that you can enjoy watching the race. Another race is “Kunkerashi”. In Kunkerashi, people jump into the ocean and try to upset boats running on the ocean. It’s not the same as a normal boat race so you can have a different excitement from the boat races you have watched ever.


In addition, the ocean nearby Oujima is so beautiful. You can see the exciting races and clean ocean at the same time. After the boat races, they have a small music live. On the stage, you can hear Okinawa traditional folk songs. The songs of Okinawa is unique and different a little from other Japanese traditional songs. So you can enjoy them feeling its differences.


Besides these, you can eat fresh fishes and delicious tempura there. Oujima is very famous for tempura. Because this place is small, you can go around and visit all tempura restaurants in Oujima. Moreover, scuba diving is also prosperous in Oujima. If you are interested, you can do water sports besides visiting Oujima Unjami Festival.

Details and How to Access Oujima:

Oujima is located in south part of Okinawa Prefecture. The address is Tamagusukuou, Nanjou city. The festival is held on the coast of Oujima. We can get there by using cars from Naha Airport. We can run Naha Airport highway and get off it at Haebaru-minami Inter-change.


There is a parking lot at the place so we don’t need to worry about parking spaces. We can join this festival and watch boat races for free. You can visit easily. This festival will be held on 17th, June. The day is called “Yukkanuhi” and people in Oujima have the festival for a great fishing and safety. If you are interested in this festival, it’s better to check the schedule of this June!

Closing Remarks:

As you know, Okinawa Prefecture has the beautiful ocean and fantastic beaches. And we can eat fresh fish, too. If you like Japanese food, especially tempura, it is a nice choice to visit Oujima Unjami Festival. In the festival, you can see the great ocean view and exciting boat races. And after the festival, you can enjoy eating really delicious tempura, fried fishes. Besides this, there are many spots where we can do scuba diving.

If you want to do water sports, you can go to find beaches and do it. I also have been to Okinawa before so I’m sure you can make nice summer memories there surrounding beautiful beaches and fresh fishes. If you are planning to go on a trip to Okinawa Prefecture this summer, why don’t you visit Oujima Unjami Festival?

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