Owani Onsen Azalea Matsuri – Springy, Flowery, Colorful Festival in Aomori



Do you like flowers? If so, this is one of the most beautiful flower festivals in Japan that you should see. This festival takes place in Aomori, which is in the Northern part of Japan’s main island – Honshu. In Aomori prefecture, the temperature is cooler compared to Tokyo or other cities in the middle part of Japan. So, if you would like to hide from the heat, this is the best place to visit. Due to its geographic position, you can still enjoy the spring flowers that usually bloom around April in other parts of Japan.

At this festival, you will notice about 40 kinds and over 15,000 Tsutuji (azalea) flowers blooming in Chausuyama park. In addition, a series of entertaining shows will amuse you during the festival. Of course, don’t forget to enjoy the hot spring as well!

Festival Background

Tsutsuji or Azalea is a very popular flower in Japan. This festival started in 1966 when people planted some azaleas to commemorate the new students starting their study year in middle school. After that, locals have been improving their breeding over the years and have created amazing azalea types. Now, more than 40 kinds of azaleas bloom beautifully every year. Thus, people established this astonishing celebration.

About Owani Hot Spring

Owani hot spring was found by a Buddhist priest in the time of the Kamakura period. It became famous around the Edo period. It’s sulfur hot spring water is considered to be effective when healing scratches, dry skin, high cholesterol, constipation, and much more. Don’t miss a chance to soak in the healing waters while you are at the festival.

Things to Do and See

You should definitely walk around the park and inhale all the aroma coming from the flowers as well as adoring these colorful and bright flowers. People visiting this festival often bring a good camera to take stunning pictures of the flowers. Also, posting your best work on SNS like Instagram has become one of the trends now.
At the festival, you must definitely try some Aomori delicacies from the festival food stalls.
Before you join, please check the weather forecast as some of the events may be canceled on a rainy day.
Most importantly, be sure to stay till night! The flowers look so different and beautiful at night with a lot of illumination!

Details and Access

Dates: May 18th – 23rd, 2019 (estimated). Please double check the dates of the festival on the official website closer to the festival days.
Brief Schedule:
First Day:
10:30 am~ Opening ceremony/ brass band performance
1:00 pm~ Taiko drums performance
2:00 pm~ Kids Performance with taiko drums
3:00 pm~ Elementary kids Marching band performance
5:30 pm~ Karaoke tournament
Second Day:
12:00pm/1:00 pm~ Song performance by popular singers

Illumination for the flowers last from May 15th to 22nd (estimated)
Place: Chausuyama park
Address: Chausu-kan, Owani-cho, Minami Tsugaru-gun, Aomori
Official website (Japanese only): http://www.town.owani.lg.jp/index.cfm/8,3441,34,163,html
By public transportation: 20 minutes’ walk from Owani Onsen station on JR Ouu Line
By car: You can also visit this area by car. Please find a parking space around the park, however, it might be crowded around the festival dates.

Closing Remarks

Since Aomori is a little far from the middle area of Japan, fewer people visit this area compared to Tokyo, Osaka and other big cities. However, the history, the people, the food, the hot springs, and nature are worth seeing indeed. This area is also famous for other unique festivals, so please check the banner below and find out more information before planning your trip!

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