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Are you planning on visiting Osaka this spring? Would you like to see Osaka spring events and festivals this year? There are so many things to see and to do in Osaka including hanami (cherry blossom viewing), street festivals, and more! Osaka offers great food, great entertainments, friendly funny people, and a mix of historical and modern sites!  Universal Studio Japan, Osaka castle, Osaka Tenmangū Shrine are the must-see spots. Osaka city is the capital of Osaka prefecture and the second largest metropolitan area in Japan after Tokyo and Yokohama. There is a Kansai International Airport in Osaka, so it is easily accessible from anywhere in the world today.

Whether you are just visiting or you’re living in Japan for a while, I would highly recommend visiting Osaka if you’ve never been there! And if you are going there this spring, there are more things to do than just tasting great food and seeing great sightseeing spots. Many events and festivals happening in the area to let you enjoy your visit even more. In this article, I’m going to share the most popular events and festivals that are happening in Osaka this spring!


– March Spring Events and Festivals 

Cycle Kitchen
Nipponbashi Street Festa
Kotatsu Cafe at Osaka Station City
Cherry Blossoms at Kema Sakuranomiya Park
Sakura at Kawasaki Bridge
Cherry Blossom at Osaka Castle

– April Spring Events and Festivals 

Tulip Festa at Harvest Hill
Cherry Blossoms at the Osaka Mint Bureau
Baby Blue Eyes Festival at Osaka Maishima Seaside Park
A 1000 Years Old Dance Ritual at Osaka Shitennoji Temple
‘Niku Fes’ Meat Festival Osaka 2019
Lohas Festa Spring 2019

– May Spring Events and Festivals 

Carp Streamer ‘Koinobori’ Festa 1000
Gyoza Festival Osaka 2019
Curry Expo in Banpaku Park
Kamigata Japanese sake, Nihonshu World 2019
Rocks Forchile
Synchronicity ‘19 Osaka

– Closing Remarks

March Osaka Events and Festivals

March is the ending of winter and the beginning of Sakura (cherry blossom) season in Japan. The events and festivals have mix themes of both seasons. Also, it is a spring break season for students so some places might be more crowded than usual.

Cycle Kitchen (March 2nd and 3rd)

Eating and exercising is the concept of the festival. It is hosted by Osaka TV station, and while Cycle Kitchen takes over food part, Cycle Mode Ride and outdoor Fes covers exercise part. Best restaurants from all over Japan gather at this event. Be sure you arrive there with an empty stomach because there are so many options to choose from. After you satisfied yourself with food, ride a bike on 2 km path with Cycle Mode Ride or feel nature with your entire body at the Outdoor Fes.

Details and Access

Dates: March 2nd and 3rd
Admission: free
Place: Expo Commemoration Park East Hiroba
Official Website: http://www.tv-osaka.co.jp/event/cyclekitchen/ (Japanese only)
Access: With public transportation, you can access the event from Osaka Monorail Koen Higashi Guchi station with a short walk, or a 7-minute walk from Banpaku Koen station. There are parking spots in the area but not free.

Nipponbashi Street Festa (March 9th)

Image courtesy of hydlide 

Nipponbashi is known as Den Den Town, and it is like Osaka’s Akihabara. It originally started to revive the local shopping district. In recent years, with a heavy influence of Japanese pop culture including anime and gaming, the festival became one of the biggest cosplay events in Japan. The festival attracts over 200,000 visitors every year. On the day of the festival, the stores in Nipponbashi area will have special offers, big discounts, and bargains on Japanese pop culture items. So, you can shop at a cheaper price. For more information, please check the following article:

Kotatsu Cafe at Osaka Station City (till March 25th)

Image courtesy of Mc681

You can typically find Kotatsu in washitsu (traditional Japanese room with tatami mat flooring). And often it is one of the only sources of heating home during winter. Usually, you can enjoy kotatsu if you are staying in a traditional Japanese room. However, in recent years, it has started appearing at cafes and restaurants in the winter season. An Italian restaurant – Bar Del Sole, is currently offering Kotatsu cafe till March 25th. You can enjoy delicious Italian food while sitting at a warm kotatsu table.

Details and Access

Dates: until March 25th
Place: Bar Del Sole on the 5th floor at JR Osaka station/Osaka Station City
Official Website: http://www.delsole.st/delsole/osaka.html (Japanese only)

Cherry Blossoms at Kema Sakuranomiya Park (end of March to mid-April)

Kema Sakuranomiya Park is a 4.2 km long riverside park and is known for one of the best spots for cherry blossom viewing in Osaka. You can walk through the pink tunnel of 4800 Sakura trees and visit historical buildings like Osaka Mint Bureau, Senpukan (guest house for the Japanese Mint Bureau) from the Meiji period along the way. You can also enjoy Sakura from a boat. This is an excellent opportunity to be away from the crowds and enjoy the view of Sakura from the river. For more information, please check the following article:

Sakura at Kawasaki Bridge (end of March to mid-April)

Kawasaki Bridge connects Miyakojima-ku and Temma area and it is one of the best spots to see cherry blossoms along both sides of Okawa river. By the bridge, you can grab a variety of traditional Osaka street food to fill your belly. The bridge was built as a part of a big bicycle track which connects Nakanozima park and Senrinobanpaku memorial park. I am sure, you will enjoy viewing cherry blossoms while cycling too. For more information, please check the following article:

Cherry Blossom at Osaka Castle (end of March to mid-April)

Osaka castle is one of the top tourist spots in Osaka. The Castle area features huge territory with gardens, museums and souvenir shops, all surrounded by moats. Its classic Japanese architecture attracts many tourists that want to take nice pictures. You can enjoy about 3000 cherry blossom trees in the garden. The garden is open in the evening during cherry blossom blooming season. For more information, check the following article:

April Osaka Events and Festivals

The weather gets warmer in April and typically cherry blossoms bloom at its fullest. Many other flowers like tulips and Nemophila blooms and you can enjoy the colorful views. Also, Osaka hosts a historical festival at Shitennoji Temple and food festivals in the city to attract locals and tourists. In addition, from the end of April to the first week of May is a Golden week, so many festivals happening around the city.

Tulip Festa at Harvest Hill (April 1st to 15th)

10,000 tulips and 50,000 rape plants bloom during the festival and it makes you feel like you are in a fairytale. Colorful tulips will showcase the spring. The farm features many activities including a small animal petting zoo and feeding time including Capybara, strawberry picking, family cooking classes, go-kart, archery, riding unique bicycles. I suggest you come here for the whole day.

Details and Access

Date: April 1st to 15th
Admission: 900 Yen for adults, 600 Yen for seniors and students, 500 Yen for kids
Place: Harvest Hill. 2405-1 Hachigamineji, Minami Ward, Sakai, Osaka Prefecture.
Official website: https://farm.or.jp/
Access: 1,800 free parking lots at the farm. If you are using public transportation, get on Nankai Main Line bus (towards Harvest Hill) from Izumigaoka station on Semboku Rapid Railway. It is about a 20-minute ride.

Cherry Blossoms at the Osaka Mint Bureau (Mid April)

This is an annual tradition of walking along the path and viewing Sakura at Osaka Mint. The week-long event holds cherry blossom viewing as well as performances like Bon odori, traditional festival dance. This event started in 1883 and has been loved for more than 100 years by many people. There are more than 350 cherry trees of about 130 varieties. Most of the trees are late-blossoming and with pretty thick flowers. Thus, the cherry blossoming season here is slightly later than usual. For more information, please check the following article:

Baby Blue Eyes Festival at Osaka Maishima Seaside Park (April 13th to May 6th)

Image courtesy of きのっぴー

Nemophila, known as Baby Blue eyes, spreads all over the park and adds different blue to the seaside. Also, there is a souvenir store and food a court. You can buy old-fashioned Osaka snacks as well as the festival items. I’m sure, you will enjoy typical Osaka street food and festival special ice cream ‘Blue Eye’ which represents a blue sky, blue ocean, and blue flowers.

Details and Access

Date: April 13th to May 6th. Park Hours: 9 am to 5 pm (last entrance at 4:30 pm)
Admission: 900 Yen for anyone older than junior high school students, 500 Yen for anyone younger.
Place: Osaka Maishima Seaside Park
Official Website: https://seasidepark.maishima.com.e.agi.hp.transer.com/nemophila/
Access: Paid parking is available if you are driving to the festival. If you are using public transportation, there are 3 options. 1- from JR Osaka Loop Line Nichikujo station, get on Osaka city bus towards Maishima Sports island. It is about a 35-minute ride. 2- from JR Yumesaki Line Sakurajima station, get on Hokuko Kanko bus Maishima Activity bus and get off at Hotel Lodge Maishima mae. It is about a 15-minute ride. 3- from Osaka Metro Central Line Cosmo square station, get on Cosmo Dream Line (bus) and get off at Hotel Lodge Maishima mae. It is about a 20-minute ride.

A 1000 Years Old Dance Ritual at Osaka Shitennoji Temple (April 22nd)

Shoryo e festival is a unique festival that takes place at Shintennoji temple. The performances at this ceremony reflect Bugaku, a courtly dance accompanied by ancient court music (gagaku) and Buddhist chanting. The festival has been going on as a memorial ceremony for Prince Shotoku on his death anniversary for about 1400 years. For more information, please check the following article:

‘Niku Fes’ Meat Festival Osaka 2019 (April 26th to May 6th)

This is the 5th year anniversary for this festival in 2019. It attracts over 60,000 visitors. The festival happens both in Tokyo and Osaka on the same dates. At this festival, you will have a chance to eat Japanese brand beef as well as dishes that features unique meat from beef. If you are a meat lover, this is the event to attend!

Details and Access

Date: April 26th to May 6th. Hours may vary depending on the date but it usually opens from 10 am to 9 pm.
Admission: Free
Place: Nagai Park Free Space
Official Website: http://www.nikufes.jp/ (Japanese only)
Access: 2-minute walk from subway Nagai Koen station or 5-minute walk from JR Hanwa line Tsurugaoka station. There is parking nearby but no free parking.

Lohas Festa Spring 2019 (April 26th to May 1st)

Image courtesy of ぜっとん

Lohas stands for Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability. The concept of the festival derives from if it is good for your body and your heart, it is good for the Earth. In daily life, it is important to live with a good heart and a commitment rather than choosing the mindset of ‘cheaper is better’ and ‘the convenience is the best’. Why not look at the way you live little by little from familiar things so that you can connect to the future without being deceived by convenience or profit in the immediate future. You can find handmade products and furniture, food and sweets made with healthy ingredients at the festival. If you love the eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle, this is an exciting event to attend!

Details and Access

Date: April 26th to May 1st from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Admission: 350 Yen per person
Place: Expo Commemoration Park East Hiroba
Official Website: http://event.lohasfesta.jp/springosaka/top/ (Japanese only)
Access: With public transportation, you can access the event from Osaka Monorail Koen Higashi Guchi station within a short walk, or 7-minute walk from Banpaku Koen station. There are parking lots in the area but not free.

May Osaka Events and Festivals

Because the 1st week of May is a golden week, there will be many outdoor festivals around Osaka. Also, May 5th is a Children Day so you will see Koinobori decorations everywhere.

Carp Streamer ‘Koinobori’ Festa 1000 (April 22nd to May 5th)

Image courtesy of lasta29

You will see 1,000 Koinobori streamers over Akutagawa river as a wish for the health of children. In addition to the classic Koinobori such as red, blue, and black, there will be Koinobori which children made themselves from all over Takatsuki city. On the Showa Day, on April 29th, an event will take place featuring 1000 koinobori. At the stage, you will see various performances including music and dances. Also, many food stands and game stands will be there for you to enjoy the day even more.

Details and Access

Date: April 22nd to May 5th
Admission: Free
Place: Akutagawa Sakuradzutsumi Park
Official Website: http://www.city.takatsuki.osaka.jp/kurashi/kiban/gesuido/kasen/koinoborifes.html (Japanese only)
Access: No public parking. From JR Kyoto LineTakatsuki station, take a bus from terminal north 5 and get off at Shinfukuji. Walk for 6 minutes in the East.

Gyoza Festival Osaka 2019 (April 30th to May 6th)

Gyoza is one of the four famous Japanese side dishes. These dumplings match with ramen, rice, and beer! You can enjoy more than 30 different kinds of Gyoza from all over Japan. You can often see many male attendees during such food festivals, but the festival theme is pink, so it is a female-friendly environment as well.

Details and Access

Date: April 30th to May 6th. From 10 am to 10 pm
Admission: Free
Place: Osaka Castle Park Taiyo no Hiroba
Official Website: https://www.gyo-zafes.jp/ (Japanese only)
Access: 3-minute walk from JR Osaka Loop Line Osaka Castle Park front station. There is parking, but you need to pay at the hourly rate.

Curry Expo in Banpaku Park (May 3rd to 6th)

Curry is becoming a trendy food in Osaka. The new style curry, ‘Spice curry,’ was born in Okasa and curry lovers from all over Japan visit Osaka to experience the spiciness with all five senses. You can find the variety of curry including, Spice curry, typical Japanese curry, North Indian curry with Naan, Nepal curry, and many more at the festival. Also, curry pan summit and sweet expo are happening at the same time. So, be sure to arrive with a big empty stomach to enjoy all the food!

Details and Access

Date: May 3rd to 6th from 9:30 am to 7 pm
Admission: Free but you will need to buy food tickets
Place: Expo Commemoration Park East Hiroba
Official Website: http://www.curryexpo.com/ (Japanese only)
Access: With public transportation, you can access the event from Osaka Monorail Koen Higashi Guchi station within a short walk, or 7-minute walk from Banpaku Koen station. There are parking lots in the area but not free.

Kamigata Japanese Sake, Nihonshu World 2019 (May 4th and 5th)

It is a 2-day event for Japanese food and sake lovers. With delicious sake, you have to have delicious Japanese food! This is a gourmet event for sake created by Japanese sake producers and restaurants. At Dream Sake stall village, you will enjoy wonderful Japanese sake with a meal. The festival started in 2010, and the number of participants keeps growing each year.

Details and Access

Date: May 4th and 5th, 10 am to 4 pm
Admission: Pre-order 800 Yen. On event day 1,000 Yen (all the tickets are valid for both days)
Place: Minatomachi River Place
Official Website: https://kamigata-nihonshu.com/ (Japanese only)
Access: The best way to arrive at the venue is to walk from the nearest train stations. (No drinking and drive!) It is a 5-minute walk from Subway Namba station, a 3-minute walk from JR Namba station, a 2-minute walk from Kintetsu/Hanshin Osaka Namba station, a 10-minute walk from Nankai Namba station.

Rocks Forchile (May 11th and 12th)

This rock festival’s theme is the future of children. Not only you will enjoy live music, but there will also be children’s musical instrument classrooms, miscellaneous shops and much more at the festival. The organizers made this festival suitable to attend for both adults and children. Part of the income is donated to activities to protect children’s rights through Save the Children Japan, and donation of instruments to children’s’ nursing homes.

Details and Access

Date: May 11th and 12th Gate opens at 10:30 am. First performance starts at 11 am.
Admission: 9,000 Yen for two days, 5,500 Yen for one day. You can bring two children before elementary school per one adult.
Place: Hattori Park Outdoor Concert Hall
Official Website: http://rocksforchile.com/2019/ (Japanese only)
Access: Paid parking available if you are driving to the venue. It is a 5-minute walk from Kitaosaka Express Ryokuchikōen Station and a 20-minute walk from Hankyu railway Takarazuka Line Sone station.

Synchronicity ‘19 Osaka (May 18th)

Image courtesy of 663highland

This is their first time having the festival at the venue in Osaka. The festival has been running for 14 years. From Japanese indie rock bands to Western bands gather at the festival. Local restaurants and stores join and create great music festival experience!

Details and Access

Date: May 18th
Admission: pre-order 5,800 Yen
Place: Hattori Park Outdoor Concert Hall
Official Website: https://synchronicity.tv/festival/ (Japanese only)
Access: Paid parking available if you are driving to the venue. It is a 5-minute walk from Kitaosaka Express Ryokuchikōen Station and a 20-minute walk from Hankyu railway Takarazuka Line Sone station.


Closing Remarks

So many unique events and festivals are happening around Osaka. Whether you are interested in historical events, music festivals, environmentally friendly events, natural events or food events, there is something for everyone. On top of great friendly funny Osaka people and great food, you don’t want to miss these festivals.

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