Saidaiji Eyo – One of the Most Massive Naked Festivals in Japan!



There are so many festivals in Japan. Even though they are prestigious and traditional, they often seem weird and odd to foreigners. We have what we call “Three Most Weird Festivals” in Japan. Each of them has its own background. One of them is Saidaiji Eyo Festival, that takes place in Okayama city.

What is Saidaiji Eyo?

Saidaiji Eyo is a “Hadaka Matsuri” or Naked Festival and it is designated as an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Asset. It is also one of three biggest naked festivals in Japan.

You you will see something very spectacular when about ten thousand men in Fundoshi (Japanese traditional underwear) are striving for a pair of wood. Shingi (fortune wood) helps the men to become Fukuotoko (fortune man). In this article, I am going to share with you the information of Saidaiji Eyo 2018, including how to participate in this event and its attractive points.

One day but long

Saidaiji Eyo is an one-day festival. However, more than two weeks before the festival, locals conduct preparation events. These include a starting ceremony, picking up Shingi, Mizugori – a ceremony where you bathe in water in order to clean your body and mind before praying, and Shushoue where you pray for peace and good harvest, looking back at your bad habits the year before. On the last day of Shushoue, Takaragi is dropped in.

Moreover, after Saidaiji Eyo finishes, the post Eyo festival is going on for two weeks. On its last day, March 4th, Kitsugan Sai an ending festival to pray for fortune takes place. This event is very enjoyable for everyone: adults and children. During the festival there are some street food restaurants as well. So, you will have a great chance to try some local foods.

Participating in Saidaiji Eyo

Saigyoji Eyo is a festival where naked men strive for a pair of Takaragi. It is dropped from a fortune window of Saidaiji Kannonin. The one who takes it out of Niomon (gate) becomes Fukuotoko.
Anybody who is older than 12, excluding elementary school students, can join of the festival for free. However, women cannot join Takaragi dropping. They join Mizugori and pray for men’s naked festival. Men must be excited at Takaragi striving competition. On the other hand, women must be shivering for cold.

Besides, if you get drunk, have tattoos or wear glasses you cannot join the dropping. Registration is available on Internet even on the event day.

Festival Breakdown

Men in Fundoshi start to come together at around 8 pm. However, they cannot join Takaragi race soon. They have to go through several ceremonies to clean their bodies first.

First, at Mizutori place, men bathe in water to get rid of bad fortune of the previous year.
At the main hall they receive benefit from Senju Cannon (one thousand hands Cannon).
Then, they visit Goujo Daigongen (five statues of combined figure of god and buddha) and go under four pillars.
Finally, men visit main hall again, go the same route and wait for Takaragi Dropping.

When the time comes, all the lights are switched off and Takaragi is dropped in the complete dark. Takaragi has an incense smell and participants are trying to find where it is by its smell.

The extreme crowd is shouting: “Washo! Washo!” for about 30 minutes. Then the announcement of “This year’s Fukuotoko has been determined!” is made and the festival finishes.

Key to Success

It is all right if you join yourself but many people join as a group. If one of the members grabs Takaragi, they start going toward the gate together in cooperation. They know that the more people they have in the group, the more chances they have to succeed. Therefore, they spend more time going under someone’s legs or passing Takaragi from one person to another.

Concluding Remarks

This is something you can never experience in your everyday life. It will take you and all participants to another world. Why not to join if you have confidence, courage and stamina!

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Don’t Stay Hungry at the Festival!

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