Saitama Shiki Summer Festival – Lively Night Where Yōkai Monsters Appear!




Just an hour away from Tokyo by train, Shiki-city holds a passionate summer festival that can even wash away the heat of summer – Shiki Summer Festival.

In the Meiji era, Japan came across a significant turning point by opening up to foreign countries and ending the Samurai system. What began in the Meiji era has built up what it is today in Japan.

Shiki has inherited a traditional summer festival from that time. In this article, I will introduce the biggest summer festival which is the mixture of conventional customs and warm-hearted local performances in Shiki, Saitama Prefecture.

Matsuri Breakdown

Don’t be surprised. Shiki Summer Festival(志木の夏祭り) began more than 100 years ago in the Meiji era. The people have carried on this festival since then.
The highlight of this matsuri is two mikoshi (portable shrines). They start parading from Shikishima shrine and go around the neighborhood for 4hours at night. You can see a mikoshi for kids in the afternoon as well. The main boulevard is filled with hundreds of food stalls and turns into a pedestrian-only area. You will be amazed how the mikoshi can go through the narrow corners of the streets.

Also, you can enjoy an exceptional performance, music, and dance on the stage at Aloha shopping road located on the edge of the main boulevard.
Every year, about 100,000 people visit this matsuri and spend the hottest summer night in Shiki.

Things To Do and See

Although the main matsuri is held only for one weekend in July, Shiki Summer Festival is also carried on other weekends of the month in different towns of Shiki city.
One thing you can’t miss on the most significant nights is the dance performance. More than 500 people dance along the main boulevard and sing local folk songs. Do not worry about the moves. Anybody can join them.

Details and Access

Shiki-city is located in the southern part of Saitama Prefecture. It is smarter to use public transportation to the destination because you can’t expect enough parking lots around the area during the event.
The main boulevard is about 15 minutes away from the East exit of Shiki station of Tobu Tojo line.
Shiki-city is one of the commuter hubs for those who work in Tokyo. About 10,000 people use this station every day. Thus, avoid taking the train in the morning and the evening.
Route bus is also substantial. You can always come and go from Shiki station.

Other Things to Do In Shiki-city

Got extra time? Let’s meet Kappa (the Japanese apparition)!
Since Shiki-city is a commuter town, there aren’t many sightseeing spots around. However, it is said that Kappa – one of the apparition or Cryptid, has lived here. So, you can find various Kappa statuses in the city.

Closing Remarks

Only an hour away from Tokyo, Shiki Summer Festival is a “must see” matsuri in summer.
Carrying on the tradition and the bond of Shiki citizens will make your summer in Japan much merrier and memorable.
Not only the matsuri itself but also the hearts of Japanese are waiting for you.
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