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Speaking about lakes in Shiga Prefecture, first, we think of Lake Biwa. Beside lake Biwa there are other lakes. One of them is lake Yogo. Lake Yogo is very small compared with lake Biwa, but this lake has another appealing point. In this article, I would like to focus on the beautiful and picturesque lake Yogo especially in spring when all surrounding cherry trees are in full bloom. The lake also has a second name – “mirror lake”. When there is no wind, you can see the landscape reflection vividly on the surface of the water and it looks like a mirror.

The Story About Yogo Lake

Lake Yogo is in the northern side of lake Biwa in Shiga prefecture. Shizugatake (Shizu mountain, 422m) stands between these two lakes. Lake Yogo occupies about 1,8 square kilometers, 6,4 km around, and 13 meters deep. When there is no wind, the water surface of this lake will become a mysterious mirror. It reflects the landscape very sharp. Because of its mysterious atmosphere, lake Yogo features some legends. One of the stories is the Hagoromo of Tennyo (the robe of feathers).

One day several swans came down from heaven. These swans changed into heavenly maidens and began playing in lake Yogo. Then, a man went by the lake with his dog and looked at the beautiful maidens. He was attracted by them and let his dog take away one of the maiden’s robe of feathers which was hanging on the tree.

The maiden who didn’t find her robe of a feather couldn’t fly back to heaven. Reluctantly she decided to become a wife of the man and gave birth to four children. After many years, she found her robe of feather and flew back to her world again. The man was very sad, after his wife went away. There are several legends about “robe of a feather” in Japan, but the story from lake Yogo is the oldest one.

Things to Do and See

There is a water supply canal near Yogo station. Sakura trees grow along this water supply canal. Cherry trees will bloom at the end of April. Compared with the Sakura spots around Lake Biwa, it is relatively late. This is because lake Yogo lies more on the northern side of Honshu. For an up to date cherry blossoms information, please check on the Sakura calendar on the website in the Details and Access section. For further information about lake Yogo on this website, please see “Northern Shiga”.

If you go around lake Yogo and want to exercise, why don’t you rent a bicycle? You can find the bicycle rental at Yogo station.

Details and Access

Dates: Mid-late April
Place: Lake Yogo
Address: Lake Yogo Peninsula, Yogo-cho, Nagahama City, Shiga
Official website: https://en.biwako-visitors.jp/
Access to the area
From JR Osaka to JR Oumi Shiotsu station (by New Rapid, direction to Tsuruga) 106 min.
-Oumi Shiotsu to JR Yogo station (by New Rapid, direction to Himeji, through Maibara) 4min.
-Yogo station 10 min a walk.

Information on bicycle rental

Address: Yogo station: 1742 Shimo –Yogo, Yogo – cho, Nagahama city
Rental fee: Normal bicycle 500 Yen/day, for leaving the bicycle 300 Yen more
Power assisted bicycle 1000 Yen/day, for leave the bicycle 500 Yen more
500 Yen for deposit

Closing Remarks

If you look up lake Yogo on the internet and see its pictures, you may want to go there to make sure that it is real. Up until the end of April, cherry blossoms will make lake Yogo incredibly attractive.

If you would like to see lake Yogo and explore Shiga prefecture together with a friendly local guide, please check the banner below!

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