Sannou Festival: One of the Three Great Matsuri in Japan




The Sannou festival is held in June. The location is Hieda shrine which is in central Tokyo. This festival started during the Edo era, the age of the Samurai. This festival is also known as one of the three Japan festivals [Nihonsandaimatsuti]. These three festivals have been well known for their traditional aspect and proud history. The other two are held in Kyoto and Osaka, so this one is the only one you can enjoy in Tokyo.

There are four types of festivals in June.

The first one is the tea festival: there is a tea garden in the shrine. They make tea from that tea garden and serve it to everyone. The tea is called Sayamacha, which is well known for being one of the best Japanese teas. Sayamacha is also known for its taste.


The second one is the children’s festival: this one is for children. People go to the shrine with a traditional suit, and pray for their health.Summer festival: I think this is most fun festival. You can dance, wear traditional clothes, and eat local food. If it rains, they have tents, so you can still enjoy this festival. If you can talk to local people, you can join their group dance.


From 1590, Tokugawa shougunate was based in Edo, Tokyo. Since then, the Hieda shrine has been worshipped by people in Edo. As I mentioned, this festival is an official one. The reason why this festival is official is because the shougun attended it. The festival was stopped from 1937 to 1951, because of the war, but it was held again with a more traditional feel.

Events and schedule:

Date June/Time/Event/Place

7th/11:00/Annual festival/Sub


10th/11:00/Omotesenke tea presentation/Main


11th/11:00/Tea ceremony/Main

13:00-15:00/Children party/ Main

14:00-16:30/Kendo festival /Main


13th/11:00/Sessya festival/Nihonbashi

18:00/Light up festival/Main


14th/19:00/Light up festival/Main


15th/11:00/Annual festival /Main

18:00Light up festival/Main


16th/11:00/Zenchareidouhiraizumi tea ceremony/Main

13:00/Sweets festival/Main


17th/10:00Urasenke tea presentation/Main


・ Sub means smaller shrine that located by the biggest one.

・There is another shrine which is like a branch in Nihonbashi. The nearest station is Kayabacho Tokyo metro.


Date June/Time/EventPlace

7th to 17th/Daytime/Sayamacha tea party/Garden

Daytime/Sweets party/Garden

Daytime/Flower gallery/Garden


8th/12:15/Mini concert [Japanese songs]/Kaguraden main hall


10th/10:00 to 16:00/Tradition of Edo era「Satokagura」/Kaguraden main hall


11th/From 13:45/Kendo competition Whole

Daytime /Kagurabayashi/Kaguraden main hall


13th/10:00 to 16:00/Sessyakagurabayashi /Sessya garden

13th to 15th/ from 18:30/Summer festival/Whole


14th/18:00 to 20:00/KagurabayashiKaguraden/ main hall

11:00 to 15:00/Notenocha tea party /Main garden


15th/Daytime/Tradition of Edo era「Satokagura」/Kaguraden main hall

Noon/Japanese drums [wadaiko]/Main garden

11:00 to 15:00/Notenocha tea party/ Main garden

18:00 to 20:00/Kagurabayashi/Kaguraden main hall


16th/11:30 to 16:30/Zenchareidohiraizumiryu tea party/Main garden


These two schedules are about the events in June next year. There are a lot of events in Sannousai. I already mentioned four events but there are more that will be held. The first one is about a more traditional schedule followed by Shindo.


Kokkaigijidomae [in front of diet building] station, Tokyo metro Chioda line [the green one] exit 5. Go right to the street, and then turn left. Walk along the street.


Tameikesannou station, Tokyo metro Ginza [the orange one] and Nanboku [the bright green one] exit 7. Go right and walk along the street, and then you will find a big shrine gate which is called Torii. You can enter from that.


I have been there once. It was a sunny day. I think that having this kind of massive shrine is in the center of Tokyo is crazy. It is very easy to access it from everywhere. Inside of shrine is solemn. If you are lucky, you can see Japanese traditional wedding.


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Sannou Festival is known as one of the “the three great festivals” of Tokyo along with Kanda Festival Fukagawa Hachiman Festival! However, there are many other famous festival in Tokyo. To the people who are looking for traditional matsuri in Tokyo, Sanja Matsuri in Asakusa will be perfect for you!


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