Sapporo Chrysanthemum Festival in Hokkaido: Enjoy the beautiful view of flowers



When we come up with the idea to go on a trip oversea, we may think that we would like to see traditional cultures or unique cultural things such as art or entertainment in the country. On the other hand, we may have time-strict in our itinerary. If we would like to see some parts of Japanese cultures in short time, Sapporo Kiku Matsuri or Sapporo Chrysanthemum Festival may be one of the best opportunities to see the other side of Japan.

Matsuri(Festival) Breakdown:

Sapporo Kiku Matsuri or Sapporo Chrysanthemum Festival is an annual autumn-time festival in Sapporo, Hokkaido in Japan from 1963. The event is held in around early November for the specific three days. In the festival, we can see not only more than 800 works of tremendously beautiful cultivated chrysanthemum but also traditional Japanese art and entertainment such as Japanese flower arrangement, Haiku(Japanese seventeen-syllable poem), Senryu(humorous poem), Japanese traditional dance performance etc. In the event, the chrysanthemum works are evaluated, and then some of them are nominated as Minister’s or Hokkaido Governor’s Prize. In addition, there is no worry about weather since the festival is held in the large open three spaces or squares at the subway station in front of Hokkaido station. When we enter the field, we will feel as if Japanese atmosphere covers us.

Things to Do and See:

Seeing cultivated Chrysanthemum

In the square, we can see carefully cultivated chrysanthemum over 800 works as Bonsai or dwarf miniature potted trees. There are various types of Bonsai such as Kengai (cascade) or Takrin(like large brightly colored flowers) we can see as well. The flowers color to the open space at the subway in front of Hokkaido station. In addition, the chrysanthemum is evaluated, and some of them are nominated as Minister’s Prize. We will see not only the flowers cultivated by Japanese Bonsai styles but also how wonderful the flowers are.

Enjoying traditional Japanese entertainment

If we like Japanese arts, we cannot miss a great opportunity to see Japanese traditional entertainment such as traditional Japanese flower arrangement works or calligraphy during the festival. Additionally, there are some events on stage to demonstrate traditional Japanese entertainments such as dance performance. Since we can see them free of charge, please don’t miss the chances to see some parts of traditional Japanese entertainment.


Details about How to Access there:

By train

To the venues such as Chi-Ka-Ho(subway open space near North 3 Jo junction), subway open space in front of Sapporo station or Aurora town(or plaza) of Sapporo subway streets
– Around several minutes walks after reaching Odori station on Nanboku, Tozai or Toho line
– Direct connection after reaching Sapporo station on Nanboku line

Fore those who wants to enjoy autumn leaves…

You probably know that autumn with its colorful leaves scenes is as popular emong tourists and locals as spring with its cherry blossoms. Momiji or enjoying autumn leaves is an indispendable part of Japanese culture. I hope this article raised your interest in Japanese autumn. And the following one picked top 12 best places and events to enjoy colorful autumn leaves!
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