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Japanese festivals are popular because of their long history. Satsuma dolls’ festival is one of them. Dolls’ festival usually takes place for the girl’s safe growth. However, regardless of your gender, you can join this event. At this festival, not only you can see many traditional dolls, but also learn how to make dolls. In addition, you can compose a “waka” (Japanese short song), and be evaluated by pros. In this article, I am going to introduce you to the Satsuma dolls’ festival and tell you about the way how locals enjoy it!

Famous Dolls

Today, many families hold dolls’ festival. So, almost all the dolls are not very rare. However, at this festival, you can see rare dolls – Yusyoukubina (有職雛). These dolls were made in the Edo period (about 400 years ago). In the Edo period, the Shimazu family – a famous samurai clan, received the dolls from the general. They are very like general’s daughter, her husband, and vassals. In addition, they are still clean though they were made so long time ago. For these reasons, experts evaluate them highly.

Kyokusui Banquet

Kyokusui banquet (曲水の宴) is the biggest event during Satsuma dolls’ festival. During the banquet, participants compose “waka” when a wine glass which floats in the river comes in front of them. You need to compose it rapidly, but don’t be afraid. All participants are kind and will help you. On April 3rd, you can join this event (you must apply in advance).


Nagasibina is a traditional event at Satsuma dolls’ festival. Long ago, little girls were very weak and often got sick. People hoped their daughters stayed healthy. So, they used dolls which acted as substitutes for them. All the diseases leave the girls when the dolls flow in the river. Thus, parents who have a daughter should join it. This event usually takes place on March 1st.

Make the Dolls

At this festival, you can make your dolls called string dolls (糸びな). They are made of a chopstick and paper. Despite the traditional way, you can make them easily. So, you don’t need any special skills.

Cherry Blossoms

In Meisyo Sengen Park (仙嚴園), a lot of cherry blossoms enchant the travelers. The number of cherry trees is about 150. In addition, they are very colorful because there are five kinds of cherry blossoms of different colors.

Details and Access

Dates: February 3rd – April 26th in 2018. *Held annually on the 7th of February & 26th of April. The dates for particular events in 2019 will be announced later. Please follow the official website.
Admission Fee: 1000 Yen (an adult who is over 15 years old); 500 Yen (child)
Place: Meisyo Sengen Park (仙嚴園)
International Reception and Info: Satsuma Dolls’ Festival pamphlet available in Japanese and English.
Home Page: https://www.welcomekyushu.jp/attaka/hina/?mode=detail&id=21
Address: Sengenen, Kagoshima, Kagoshima


For Sengen Park
From JR Kagoshima Tyuo station 50 min. by bus.
From Sengenen Mae bus stop 1 min. by walk.
From Kyusyu line Sira IC 20 min. by car.
Parking lots are available.

Closing Remarks

Satsuma dolls’ festival is for both men and women. So, all people can join it easily. Of course, you’d better go there during the special events such as Nagashibina or waka composing take place. However, if you cannot attend it, a lot of dolls and cherry blossoms are sure to make you satisfied.


The local guides are here to help! If you need any help and would like a local guide to tell you more about Satsuma Dolls’ Festival or even more, please check the banner below! It is always better to know someone local on such a great and exciting event as Satsuma Dolls’ Festival.

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