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One of Japan’s most recently inaugurated festivals, Japan’s hanatouro festival took place for the first time in 2003. Its aim is spreading awareness and enjoyment of the beauty of the ancient city of Kyoto – its architecture, local culture, and the overall magical atmosphere.

The festival initially took place in Kyoto’s Higashiyama area only, but by 2005 it had begun to be celebrated in the famous Arashiyama area too.

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What Happens?

As the former capital of Japan before Tokyo, Kyoto is a veritable maze of the lost, the ancient, and the beautiful. Especially, when explored after dark. Seeking to encapsulate and celebrate this, the hanatouro festival exists as an attempt to allow its spectators to momentarily step out of the bustling modern daytime city, by lighting up some of its most ancient streets and temples under the fragile glow of Japanese lanterns.

As well as the resulting sight being simply breath-taking to behold, the dazzling glow of the night streets is not all that’s in store for visitors. You will see a traditional rickshaw parade taking place. Also, a flower arrangement and art exhibitions.

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Interesting Facts about the Festival

Many of Kyoto’s shrines and temples will also be open to the public at night at the time of the hanatouro festival. They will give everyone a chance to witness Kyoto’s illumination in its full beauty. Among these are the famous Kiyomizu Temple, Yasaka Shrine, Entokuin Temple, Kokdaiji Temple, Tenryuji Temple and many more.

The shoreiin temple’s gardens are a place especially worth visiting. Illuminated with tranquil blue lighting, the overall ambiance in the gardens is one that immerses the spectator entirely, bestowing upon them an impression of having been transported to a distant, spiritual realm.

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Tourist Information about the Region

Both the Arashiyama and Higashiyama areas are two of Kyoto’s main touristic hotpots. Consequently, visitors should expect to experience heavy crowds (especially if visiting during the spring cherry blossom or autumn leaf seasons).

Although you can expect fewer crowds generally at this time of year. The hanatouro festival is popular and, so I would advise visitors to plan their journeys accordingly.

Furthermore, Kyoto winters are far colder than other parts of the Kansai region, and so wrapping up extra warm is an absolute necessity!

On the plus side, the Hankyu Kawaramachi station area is home to a large number of bars and restaurants, many of which are open late, meaning there will always be somewhere warm to escape to for those who find they really can’t stand the freezing Kyoto winter nights!

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Details and Access

Dates & time:

Higashiayma: 8th – 17th March (18:00 – 21:30), 2019

Arashiyama: 8th – 17th December (17:00 – 20:30), 2018

Places: Arashiyama area and Higashiyama area in various places

Official website: http://www.hanatouro.jp/e/


Arashiyama area: From Hankyu Arashiyama station to Nisonin Temple (the Togetsukyo Bridge, Tenryuji Temple and famous Bamboo Forest are all located en route).

Higashiyama area: from the Kiyomizu Temple to Shoreiin Temple (the Kodaiji Temple, Nenenomichi Street and Chionin Temple are all located en route).

Image courtesy of Keiko Shih

Closing Remarks

Japan is a country of great variety, with each area boasting its own treasure trove of festivals and culture. Kyoto and its maze of old houses, shrines, and temples, however, is perhaps the hallmark of Japanese culture seen through foreign eyes. This particular festival especially, perfectly encapsulates the beauty of Kyoto culture from an aesthetic perspective. Whether you’re a history buff, an art fan, or simply curious about old Japan as opposed to the neon lights of Tokyo, then I cannot recommend Kyoto enough as an essential location to add to your travel itinerary today.

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Despite having lived here for four years as an English teacher, Japan never ceases to both surprise and delight me.

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