Serada Gion Festival – One of the Tree Biggest Matsuri in Kanto Region!



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Serada Gion Festival in Gunma, Kanda Myojin Festival in Tokyo, and Chichibu Yomatsuri in Saitama have been called “The three biggest festivals of Kanto region”. Festival ranking list of the Edo period shows that this festival ranks at third place among Eastern Japan summer festivals. Of course, people in Gunma have been proud of its biggest festival in the prefecture.

Gion Festivals have been taking place as festivals of Yasaka Shrines, where soldiers pray for health, security, and prosperity. These kinds of festivals have been taking place since 1565 what we call “Sengoku-Jidai” – (battle period). In this article, I`m going to introduce you attractive points of Serada Gion and tell you how to enjoy this festival.

Image courtesy of ググっとぐんま

Hikichigai- a Parade of Floats

The most exciting moment of this festival is when “Hikichigai” starts. Eight parade floats gathering at Serada Crossroad, Sojji Shrine and Humon Shrine wait for the bell to ring. The sound is announcing the start of “Hissagari”, and the floats start running to Shimocho.

When all of them get together at Shimocho, they get ready for “Onobori” (upward) to go back to Serada Crossroad. This moment is actually when “Hikichigai” happens. When two parade floats waiting at Shimocho and Shimoshinden respectively and the other six pass by one another, they start to play drums and beat the bells hard in order to show how strong they are. The sound of flutes echoes through the sky, lanterns on the creaking parade floats shake intensely along the way, parade floats shake, and the excitement of the crowd reaches its peak!

Let’s Make Some Noise at Ohayashi Performance!

Eight parade floats come together at Serada crossroad, going towards the place where it is said that the gods get together. Then, they turn their musical instruments to the center and start their Ohayashi Performance all together. Each parade float competes in playing common Ohayashi music to become the best Ohayashi performer. Their sound, rhythm, and the way they beat the drums surely make the audience fascinated and is full of excitement. After the stimulating performance, each parade float starts returning to its original area.

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Inkyo Sama Mikoshi is Finally Back!

What happens at the last night of the festival is that Inkyo Sama Mikoshi – a portable shrine for retired god is finally coming back to Yasaka Shrine. At around nine o’clock in the evening, carriers who have purified at Yasaka shrine set off to pick up Inkyo Sama Mikoshi at a place called “Okariya” securely. People start carrying Mikoshi towards Yasaka Shrine, being splashed with water and cheered with shouts “Wasshoi, Wasshoi!”. Being shoved by the crowd, it finally heads for Yasaka shrine vigorously. On the way, when it passes the front of parade floats, they play cheerfully to express the feeling of happiness. When it finally gets to Yasaka shrine, again it gets splashed and shoved, sometimes almost falls from carriers. At the same time, such a scene makes the audience very excited and in the end, they rest Mikoshi on a pedestal.

About the Festival Floats

Since the Edo period, Serada city had eight towns. Each town has a different festival float. Its main part is made of cedar, wheels are made of keyaki (Japanese zelkova), and the ornament is made of pine trees creating gorgeous sculptures and decorations. The oldest float of Shincho Ward was made in 1821, and others have got damaged, unfortunately. Therefore, Ota city decided for the first time since they were made to repair the floats, spending almost four years from 2006 to 2009. Now they are designated as an Important Tangible Folk Cultural Properties.

Image courtesy of ググっとぐんま

Details and Access

Dates: Usually takes place on one of the final weekends of July every year (July 28th, 29th, 2018). Please refer to the official website to check the dates closer to July.

Place: Serada crossroads, Yasaka Shrine

Address: 1497 Seradacho, Ota, Gunma Prefecture

Official website (Japanese only): 

Access: ten minutes on foot from Serada Station on Tobu Isesaki Line

Closing Remarks

As you can notice, the highlight of this festival is parade floats and Mikoshi! Why don’t you feel the atmosphere of excitement and feel the water splashes close to Mikoshi?

If you would like to see this gorgeous festival and explore Gunma prefecture together with a friendly local guide, please check the banner below!

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