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SKETCH OUT YOUR TRIP! -how to consult Japanese festivals with locals



Hi, I’m Leo. I’d like to tell you about our trip service, Huber to make the most of your Japan trip. Huber is a guide matching platform where travelers and locals cooperatively create their ideal trips together as a friend. Please have a quick read, thank you.



“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving,” said a Chinese philosopher Laotzu 26 centuries ago. Nowadays, people often go traveling with fixed plans on package tours. What do you think? What style of trip do you want to take?


I believe in traveling without concrete plans and wander around from place to place. Touristy spots should make you satisfied, and the process of journeys may give you an unexpected impression. I want to be surprised by something unforeseen or coincidences as much as predictable stuff. And yet, I still want to make sure the journey is possibly enjoyable. Yes, I am greedy.


To meet those preferable circumstances, how about letting the locals show you around? They are much more likely to find the way to enjoy the process because they know about your destinations better as a matter of course. More importantly, they should know something wondering you may not know. With the local people, you will find that your way has full of interests and your destination becomes bright.


When I felt sure of this idea, I just happened to find Huber. I joined them to bring those kinds of opportunities for travelers all over the world, and make the world more fun.


Just imagine that you enjoy a festival abroad with local people.
You will see the best part of it, have unique food and beverage, get to know the meaning of rituals, and have fun without worries. Also, you can literary connect with foreigners and broaden your horizon.


Now, let me show you how to use Huber.
To find locals, you answer the questions first to make your journey outline.


Then, the locals’ one-day-trip plans will be suggested to you by referring to your answer.
You can make the journey outline as many as you want for different destinations and dates.
As you open plans, you can see how their ideas are and what their personalities seem.





When some of them interest you, get in contact with them to ask about the ideas and your trip.
Once you and locals agree on the itinerary and fees, you can book them as guides.





I’ve met many travelers guiding, and made a lot of memories.
I hope you will make yours in Japan.




Now, why don’t you give it a try and see the result?



Below, I’ll leave two articles written by “our friends” who used Huber to make memorable trips.
Please refer to it at your convenience.


I've been to more than 25 countries to meet the locals and undergo the cultures. "Love is a bridge from poorer to richer knowledge"

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