Hakata station is a major railway station in Hakata-Ku, Fukuoka. It’s a large and busy station – in fact the busiest in Kyushu – and it acts as the gateway to other destinations in Kyushu for travelers reaching the island from Honshu-the main island of Japan.

The station

The station functions not only as a commuting hub. The station`s ground floors and areas nearby host art, music, dance and other events that the city can enjoy. Just steps away from the station you’ll find back streets and quiet neighbourhoods dotted with shrines, cafés, quirky shops and temples. The fact that the station is so modern and it mixes with the traditional old style buildings makes the area even more special.

Art Aquarium

One event that takes place within the station area is the Art Aquarium – a beautiful exhibition that celebrates the culture surrounding the ‘kingyo’ (goldfish). The exhibition was created by artist Hidetomo Kimura who combines aquarium with the motif of ‘wa’ (meaning both peace and Japan). You’ll find state of the art lighting, videos that show prized goldfish in huge colourful fishbowls. It’s no wonder that the event attracts many visitors and in 2018 Art Aquarium returned to Fukuoka first time in 2 years. Last time the exhibition was held here, the huge Oiran fish tank contained 1000 goldfish. This time they have super-sized it so there’s 3000 goldfish to spot!

From 6pm the event place becomes the night aquarium, transforming peaceful place into a sophisticated bar with DJ’s and cocktails!
Ticket price for adults is 1,000yen (high school students and above) – but you can make a saving if you book in advance at just 900yen.

Kyushu Wine Fiesta

Another event that’s held on top of JR Hakata City Station is the Kyushu Wine Fiesta. Nine wineries form Kyushu area get together and bring their wine for you to taste it on the beautiful rooftop. For 3000yen (2500yen in advance) you get an original wine glass and you drink all you can!
The event begins at 12pm and finishes at 4pm and in 2018 is held from April 21st to 22nd.
Each winery brings 3 different wines from their collection, giving you 27 wines to try!
The space has a limit for 400 people each day, so get there early to avoid disappointment!

Hakata Farmers Market

Around 57 stalls for local producers will sell fresh products in front of the station in mid-April (in 2018 from 13th – 22nd). You can purchase everything from potatoes to spring onion and asparagus. Also you can watch cooking shows and tutorials. So there’s no excuse not to get creative at your kitchen and cook a healthy meal!

If you are in Fukuoka during Golden Week in the beginning of May, you must see the most popular traditional festival of Kyushu – Hakata Dontaku Festival!

So don`t miss you chance to visit these wonderful events. You can connect to a guide who will bring and show you around! Click on the banner below.

Traveling Around Fukuoka? Check out These Outstanding Events and Places!

Fukuoka prefecture is super lively prefecture among all other areas in Kyushu. People, here are very open and friendly. On top of it, the local food tastes incredible! Either you are looking for some exceptional cultural experience through attending festivals and visiting historic sites, or you enjoy chilling in nature, Fukuoka Prefecture has something to offer anyone who decides to visit it. The following article will introduce you to the most popular events and attractions of  Fukuoka Prefecture. Please check the link below!


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Being one of the largest cities in Japan and the biggest in Kyusyu, Fukuoka attracts a lot of visitors as well. Besides, Fukuoka is one of the most comfortable cities to live not only in Japan but in the world as well. No wonder so many people visit this tranquil city in spring to see mesmerizing cherry blossoms.  However, it boasts many exciting events that represent Fukuoka’s current “freshness and vibrancy”. The following article picked up the most attractive and must-see events in Fukuoka this spring. Please take a look!


In Fukuoka on Golden Week?

If you are in Fukuoka during Golden Week at the beginning of May, you must see the most popular traditional festival of Kyushu – Hakata Dontaku Festival! It has over 830 years of history. And is one of the most famous festivals in the region indeed. It gathers more than 2 million people every year. Come and enjoy watching colorful festival cars, delicious local food and of course dancing with locals! For more information on Hakata Dontaku Festival, please click on the link below.


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A lot of people when they get to a Matsuri for the first time feel a bit lost. They confuse about what is happening around. If you are new to Japanese Festivals or want to know an alternative way of how you can enjoy these events, the following article will provide you with a set of helpful tips on how to choose a proper festival and activities you should try there. Please don`t hesitate to take a look at it!


Don’t Stay Hungry at the Festival!

Image courtesy of Tomomarusan

For all foodies who enjoy Japanese Festivals would be nice to get acquainted with the rich choice offered by Yatai (Japanese festival food stalls). The food presented during Matsuri is pretty different from the one you get at the restaurants in Japan. Besides, there is a certain charm in grabbing some snack from a food stall and diving back into the festival crowd. I am sure that you will discover something new about Japanese festival food from the following article!


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