The Susukino Festival in Hokkaido: What makes the Susukino festival so great?



For us Japanese, traditional festivals known as “Matsuri”(祭) is something we all love. There are said to be more than 300000 festivals held in Japan throughout the year, and especially, Summer is the “Matsuri season” for us. Today, I am going to introduce you a great recommendation for visiting Japanese festivals in summer!

Festival Breakdown:

First held in 1965, the Susukino festival (すすきの祭り) is one of the biggest festivals in Sapporo, Hokkaido prefecture. It is held in the beginning of August, and has been going on for over 50 years! What makes the Susukino festival so great is that each year they choose two women to dress up as traditional courtesans called “Oiran”(花魁), and the way they are dressed and how they parade down the road is something you will not get to see in your everyday life! The view of over 1000 people parading down the street carrying portable shrines called “Mikoshi”(神輿) is another astonishing view you can enjoy!!

Things to do and see:

The Oiran parade called the “Oiran Dochu”(花魁道中) is a must see event during the parade. How they are dressed, how they act, and even how they walk is all traditional, and based on the real Oirans! Other than that you get to see and listen to many traditional performances, such as the Japanese drums called “Wadaiko”(和太鼓), and traditional dances called “Soran-bushi”(ソーラン節). You don’t have to worry about food as over 100 food stands line up to serve delicious Japanese festival food for you!!!

Details and Access:

The festival is held in the city of Susukino, and the nearest station is the Susukino Station(すすきの駅), which can be accessed by the Nanboku line (南北線).
The festival begins at 5pm and ends at 10:30pm, but Susukino city is known to be the “Sleepless city”, so you can have fun throughout the night!
The festival goes on for 3 days in the beginning of August, but you have to be careful as some events such as the Oiran Dochu is conducted only on one of the days.

Other things to do in Sapporo:

The Susukino city

Susukino city is one of the biggest cities in Sapporo, and has many shops, restaurants, bars. Hokkaido is known for its good food, so why not a night out in the sleepless city of Susukino??

The Ramen Yokocho

This is another specific place in Susukino city, known as the Ramen Yokocho(ラーメン横丁). Ramen is the soul food for many Japanese, and Sapporo ramen is particularly popular. This place is full of those ramen shops, so I recommend you a visit as a ramen fan myself.

Closing remarks:

The Susukino festival ought to let you have a great time, and an experience you will not have in other normal Summer festivals. Sapporo is a great recommendation as it is famous for its vast nature, good food, and with the Susukino festival going on, I am sure you will have a wonderful visit.
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To all Matsuri Lovers

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it made you want to visit this great festival. Susukino Festival is very popular and it is one of the festival to enjoy seeing traditional costume. If you would like to know more about other festival to enjoy with traditional costume, please click on the link below and you will find an article on best 10 festivals to enjoy Japanese Traditional Costume!



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