Tamamura Hanabi, Gunma is good for your first fireworks this summer!



I guess Gunma is not familiar for you, but the prefecture is very close to Tokyo, and there are many beautiful sightseeing spots. It takes only two hours from Tokyo by a bullet train – Shinkansen. If you are interested in visiting Gunma prefecture, why don’t you go to see the Tamamura Fireworks festival first? In this article, I will introduce the fireworks festival which is held in early summer and is the first fireworks festival of the year in Gunma prefecture.

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About Tamamura

Tamamura town is located in the southern part of Gunma prefecture. This town used to be the post town of Nikko Reiheishi Kaido which was one of main routes in the Edo Period. There is a legend, “Ryu-no-tama-densetsu”, Dragon ball legend in Manpuku temple. 1000 years ago, there was a beautiful lady and she fell in love with one man.

But people forced her to get married to a famous Samurai and she jumped into a river and so did he. People saw two bright balls floating in the river and thought the balls were the reincarnation of God. Manpuku temple keeps the balls in a box and doesn’t allow to see the balls to anyone. It is said that if you see the balls, you will lose your eyesight. This legend is said to be the origin of the town’s name as “Tama” means eggs or balls in English.

Manpuku Temple

You won’t see the balls, but you can see the box.
Official site:
Address: Fukushima 1251, Tamamura-machi, Sawa-gun, Gunma

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Tamamura Hachimangu

This is a small temple, but it is designated as a national important cultural property. It was built around 1200 and has a traditional atmosphere.
If you are collecting Goshuin- the red ink stamps in your stamp book which you can get in many Japanese temples and shrines, go and get one!
Even if you don’t go to shrines or temples often, visiting Tamamura Hachimangu shrine will provide you with an excellent opportunity to feel the history and relax.
Official site:

By car: 5 minutes from Takasaki Tamamura Smart IC / 20 minutes from Fujioka IC / 15 minutes from Maebashi Minami IC
By bus: You can get a bus at JR Shinmachi, Takasaki, Maebashi or Isezaki station.


Official Character – Yuru-chara Tamatan

Tamamura city’s flower is rose, and Tamatan is designed with the motif of a rose.
Tamatan’s room:
If you want to buy Tamatan’s goods, visit Michi-no-eki, Tamamurajuku. Michi-no-eki is a roadside station which is the rest house located in on the highway. It is equipped with parking lots, rest rooms, restaurants and souvenir shops selling local products.

Image courtesy of 「ググっとぐんま写真館」

Fireworks Festival Details and Access

Date: July 14, 2018. 19:30~ (Rain or shine, if it is really bad it will be July 15). The 2019 dates are not announced yet, but the festival should take place on the weekend around the same dates as in 2018.
Place: Tamamura-machi government office as the main Venue Address: 201Shimoshinden, 大字 Tamamura, Sawa District, Gunma Prefecture
Official site:


Tamamura-machi, Gunma
By car: 15 minutes from Tamamura Smart IC / 10 minutes from Maebashi south IC
By train and bus:
From JR Shinmachi Station and bus for Tamamura-machi yakuba (City hall) for 25 minutes and 20 minute walk
From JR Takasaki Station and bus for Tamamura-machi yakuba (City hall) for 35 minutes and 20 minute walk.
Parking lots: 2,000 free lots available
How many fireworks? – 8,000

Closing Remarks

It is said that Gunma’s summer starts with Tamamura Hanabi festival because almost all fireworks festivals in the prefecture are held in early August. However, this festival is held in the middle of July. Since they set off fireworks from the center of a wide field, your neck won’t hurt because they are not so close.
Don’t miss the rare four colors of star mine, it is exciting!

Do You Like Fireworks Festivals?

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and it made you want to visit the Asia Port Fireworks Festival! However, there are a lot of fireworks festivals and events in summer, as fireworks festivals are one of the traditional events in Japan. Put on your Yukata and getas, meet your friends and enjoy a beautiful night sky lit up with thousands of colorful fireworks!
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I’m very busy now and it is difficult to go to travel even around Japan, but I love to write these articles because I can feel like visiting the places. I will continue writing new article to make you want to visit Japan!

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