Tamasaki Shrine Autumn Festival in Chiba: How to Enjoy Local Matsuri



Heading to Autumn Festival, just east of Tokyo across Tokyo Bay this time? You’ll chance on magnificent Shinto ritual courtesy. There are many autumn festivals held in Japan, but this festival may bring you good fortune!


Matsuri Breakdown

Tamasaki Shrine (玉前神社) is located in Ichinomiya, Chiba Prefecture. The location of Ichinomiya is a part of the Boso Peninsula (房総半島) which is one of the largest peninsula having a feature of mild climate with rich nature.


The shrine is said to that it has long been known as a location thought to be flowing with mystical energy in Tokyo area. Therefore, many people from around Japan visit the shrine believing it as a god of marriage, pregnancy, easy delivery, raising children, better fortune and success in business.


The Tamasaki Shrine Autumn Festival (玉前神社秋の例祭) is held every year on September 13th, celebrating a ceremony of ancient ritual for the Shrine. The festival is thought to have been founded in 807 and it has still lived for over 1200 years.


The Festival is descended from ancient stories related the origins of gods gathering once a year in the shore of the sea. The festival faithfully reflects the stories of those days.

Things To Do and See:

On September 12th, there is Yoimiya (eve of a festival vigil), the ceremony is held for praying for safety and success by the Shinto priests. A ‘Kagura’ of a performance of sacred music and dancingis offered at the shrine, and a ceremony in which something that is worshipped as a representation divine spirit is transferred from the main building to Mikoshi (portable shrines). You can feel different atmosphere in a quiet world away from daily life. That is absolutely a solemn ceremony.

On September 13th,a magnificent festival so called ‘Junisya Matsuri Festival’ (十二社まつり) or ‘Kazusa no Hadaka Matsuri Festvival’ (上総の裸まつり) is held. On the preceding day, leading 5 horses sacred to the goddess,9 Mikoshi are carried by over 1,000 naked young men are running through the town toward to a famous beach called a ‘Kujukuri Beach’(九十九里浜) which is a 66-kilometer-long coastline. The best feature is their running speed,and bravery which is stunning as well! There are no other festival carrying Mikoshi for such a long run in Japan. You shouldn’t miss the precious opportunity.

Details and Access:

The festival starts taking place at the main building at 10 AM on September 13th. While the court music is playing, the dance is offered by the shrine maidens with due solemnity. All ceremonies has been proceeded until past 7 PM. This is the highest moment of the festival with participants and visitors for celebration ends all together.

How to get to Ichinomiya


From Tokyo to Ichinomiya – about 1 hour by Limited express ’Wakashio’.
Get off at Kazusa Ichinomiya Station and walk about 8 minutes to the Shrine.


Other Things To Do In Ichinomiya

After checking out the festival, there are a lot of things to do and places to go to in Ichinomiya! With its mountainous interior and many beaches along its shoreline, the area is famous for sea resorts especially for surfing and sea bathing. But I’d like to introduce other things including the sea resorts. A few recommendations are:

Kujukuri Beach (九十九里浜)

– This is the second longest beach in Japan and it is known for a beautiful sandy beach. The beach is attracted for surfing, swimming and clamming for fun. Also, you can watch brilliant sunrise in the morning and sunset into the sea in the evening.

Strawberry picking

– Perhaps, strawberry picking is an outdoor activity in your country but here in Japan, strawberry picking is in greenhouses. From January to May, you can pick strawberries dipping with chocolate, condensed milk or as it is. As there are some different kinds of strawberries produced in the greenhouses, you can enjoy tasting each of them.

Horseback riding

– Exciting experience must be here. You can ride a horse along the seashore. The view from the back of horse is not the same as usual with the sound of waves rushing ashore. Even you are a beginner, you don’t need to worry about anything.

Closing Remarks

Highlights for travellers include the festival with great nature, and local people of Ichinomiya who have a well-deserved reputation for friendliness.
You probably know why this festival continues for long time because of their passion for the festival.

You can experience this festival as well with local friends! If you need any guides to take you around the festival and show you even more things to do in the area check below!

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Don`t Stay Hungry at the Festival!

Image courtesy of Tomomarusan

For all foodies who enjoy Japanese Festivals would be nice to get acquainted with the rich choice offered by Yatai (Japanese festival food stalls). The food presented during Matsuri is pretty different from the one you get at the restaurants in Japan. Besides, there is a certain charm in grabbing some snack from a food stall and diving back into the festival crowd. I am sure that you will discover something new about Japanese festival food from the following article!



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