Toyoura Summer Fireworks Festival – Enjoy 2500 Fireworks That Color Summer


“Toyoura Summer Festival & Fireworks Festival” in Yamaguchi, which is the annual event that goes on every summer, is the biggest festival in Toyoura-Chou. This festival takes place every Saturday of the first week of August at Wakuda fishing port village plaza special venue (涌田漁港 漁村広場特設会場).

In this village, you can enjoy the sea surface shining in the summer, a beautiful sunset that sinks in the Sea of Japan, a light of bamboo lanterns floating in the evening, and large fireworks coloring the night sky color of Toyoura.

Fascinating events such as fantastic ‘bamboo lanterns’ floating in the dusk, lively night shops, fun stage performances such as drum and Yosakoi shows are taking place during the festival. Please enjoy the beautiful festival summer evening at Toyoura!

Fascinating Events in Toyoura Summer Festival & Firework Display

There are four fascinating events at Toyoura Summer Festival & Firework Display. A lot of food stands and night shops, stage events (drums / Yosakoi / kids dance), bamboo lanterns, and large fireworks display.

Implementation of a Toyoura Photo Contest

When you are around the area, you can take part in Toyoura photo contest. It collects the photos you take, for example, sunsets, bamboo lanterns, fireworks, smiles, or anything you liked during the festival.
The size of your photo should not be more than 3 MB.
As for the application method, please fill in the application form and send your photo to the official page (Japanese only). URL:

Details and Access

Dates: From 17:00 to 21:00 on every Saturday of the first week of August
Fireworks display takes place from 20: 00 even if there is a light rain.
If it rains heavily, only a firework display is postponed to the next day.

Place: Wakeda fishing port fishing village plaza special venue
Address: Yamaguchi Prefecture Shimonoseki City Toyoura-Chou Oo Aza Waita Ushiroji

Attention:There is a free shuttle bus service between Toyoura General Branch Office and Wakuda Fishing Port from 17:00 to 21:40. Parking lots near the venue will be very crowded, so please use the free shuttle bus.
There are no “free shuttle buses” to Uga direction and Umegatou direction. Please use the public transportation.

Contact Information:

Shimonoseki City Toyoura Chou Furusatozukuri Promotion Council
TEL 080-6261-9197

・20 minutes on foot from JR San-in Main Line Kawatana Onsen Station
・Shuttle buses run from Toyoura General Branch Office which is 2 minutes on foot from Kawatana Onsen Station
・22 km by car towards Toyoura Town on Route 191 from the Shimonoseki IC or junction in Chuugoku Highway
・Free parking lot is available for 600 cars.

Official Web Site (Japanese Only):

History of Shimonoseki

The geographical position of Shimonoseki is very important from the historical point of view.
The Heike and Genji fought at Dan-no-Ura battle near the present Kanmonkyo Bridge in 1185.
After this battle, Genji came into political power and became the first government by the shogunate for samurais.


From the period of Warring States to Edo period, Mouri governed Shimonoseki.
In the end of the Edo period, there was the bombardment of Shimonoseki in 1864.
A lot of samurais from Yamaguchi Prefecture established Meiji government, became politicians of a Meiji Government, and promoted modernization of Japan.


Japan and Qing concluded the Treaty of Shimonoseki after the Sino-Japanese war in 1894 to 1895.
Besides, Yamaguchi Prefecture has produced many Prime Ministers such as Hirobumi Ito. He was the first Japanese Prime Minister in the Meiji period and introduced a modernized cabinet instead of the government based on the Ritsuryou legal codes and samurai government.

Closing Remarks

Shimonoseki is an important place geographically and historically. Toyoura Summer Festival & Firework Display is one of the most wonderful festivals of many local cities in Japan. However, this festival is a bit less luxury than the firework display of Sumida River in Tokyo.
If you attend Toyoura Summer Festival & Firework Display, I’m sure that you will discover something wonderful in the mild sunset.

All images are courtesy of Yamaguchi Prefectural Tourism Federation

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