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Ube Festival takes place for two days in November in Ube City of Yamaguchi prefecture. Ube City locates in the eastern part of it and is the third biggest city of the prefecture. This festival has been developing with the history of the city since 1933. This festival is a very cozy and community-oriented event. You can definitely feel at home while you join this festival. Let’s take a closer look at this festival and things you can do in Ube City.

About Ube City

Ube City is the third biggest city in Yamaguchi Prefecture. There are about 170,000 inhabitants living there. The city developed as a mining town after the Meiji Period. The city is known for its rich nature and sculptures. The international competition – Ube Biennale takes place in the city once every two years. It is the biggest outside sculpture exhibition event in Japan and the oldest Japanese sculpture competition.

Also, Ube city is famous for the fireworks festival. The firework festival in Ube city is the largest in Yamaguchi prefecture. You can join the Ube Port Firework Festival if you happen to be in Ube city during the summer. Hot springs and beaches are the other signature tourist places of this city.

About Ube Festival

Ube Festival is the biggest autumn event in the city. Each year over two hundred thousand people come to this festival from inside and outside the prefecture. This festival started as a celebration event in 1934 proposed by the chamber of commerce. Because Ube city developed as a coal mining town, the original name of the festival used to be the Coil Festival. The festival had great success since the first time. The size of the festival expanded as time went by and now it became the main event that represents Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Local people in Ube city look forward to this event every year and dedicate themselves to make the festival entertaining not only for the people who are involved in this festival but also for visitors. You can definitely feel welcoming vibes during the festival from the local people.


Festival Breakdown

Ube Festival is a two-day event. The first day of the festival is the eve. The event starts at 5:00 p.m. and ends up at 9:00 p.m. You can see Ube drum performance, dance performance at the stage and Japanese comedy show on the first day. Also, there will be about 40 food booths lining up at the Harmony Plaza. You can try various foods from all over the world such as Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese, Indian, Persian and many more! Please visit and do the tasting as much as you want!

After filling your stomach, you can please yourself with the warm light of 10,000 candles in front of Ube city hall. Your heart will become a little warmer while you look at those lights. The main event takes place on the second day of the festival. There are many stage events starting with the dancing competition, various performances, and live music. Meanwhile, you can see 5000 people parading on the streets. The city gets lively by the evening with people dancing and parading! Don’t miss the Namban Parade which is an original and traditional procession of Ube City Festival.

Things to Do in Ube City

As Ube city is the city of sculptures, you can see many of them exhibited around the city. Each sculpture is unique and beautiful. If you want to explore nature, you can visit Tokiwa Park. There is a zoo, amusement parks, and museums at one site. Also, there is a beachside where you can gaze into the sea and space out for some thinking if you like.

Or, you can try “Yurei Sushi” (ghost sushi) – the traditional Ube city local food. Usually, when you hear the word “Sushi”, you imagine rice and raw fish on the top of it. But Yurei Sushi is only made of rice. Yes, sushi without fish. This is something you cannot taste outside of Ube city. It would be fun to try how it tastes. Apparently, it tastes good!

Details and Access

Dates: November 2nd to 3rd, 2019

Venue: Ube City center
*Not fixed at this moment

Official Website (Japanese Only):


By foot

About 15 minutes’ walk from Ube Shinkawa Station.

Closing Remarks

Ube Festival relates to the history of the city. Now it became a big event and Ube people look forward to this festival every year. The city gets filled with a welcoming atmosphere during the celebration. Why don’t you go and find out everything about this festival when you visit Yamaguchi in autumn?

If you want to find out more about this festival and the city, getting to know locals prior to your trip will make your journey more rewarding. Click on Huber. banner and connect with locals before the trip!

All images are courtesy of Yamaguchi Prefectural Tourism Federation

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