Yaegaki Shrine Gion Festival – Most Energetic Festival You’ve Seen!



Yaegaki Shrine Gion Festival is two days festival which takes place on August 4th and 5th every year at Sosa City in Chiba prefecture. This is the most energetic festival you will ever see. You can feel the sense of unity and excitement during this festival. Let’s take a closer look at this festival and what you can do while you are in Sosa city!

About the Festival

This is one of the biggest festivals in Chiba prefecture. It started in 1697. You can say this festival is pretty traditional. There will be 20 unique Matsuri (festival) floats gathering from 10 towns around Yaegaki Shrine. Those floats parading on the streets with the original chanting “あんりゃぁどした!“ (“Anryadoshita!” You may want to memorize this word for the festival to feel the unity with people. The unique character of this festival are floats only carried by women. It is rare for women to join the festival as a float carrier. Women are historically prohibited to carry the floats at many festivals in Japan. But at this festival, there are 10 floats which are only carried by women. The audience of this festival splash the water as floats pass by on the streets, and you can enjoy seeing the carriers getting wet by the splashes! This is the most exciting part of this festival.

Festival Breakdown

This festival is a two days festival. On the first day, you will see floats carried by a group of women parading on the streets. You can feel Japanese women’s power and get inspired. There are water points where you can splash water on the carriers. Say “あんりゃぁどした! “while splashing water. You will also notice some media reporters coming to cover this festival each year and see those women.

The highlight of this event is “神輿連合渡御” (Mikoshi Rengo Togyo) on the second day. 20 unique floats gathered from 10 towns parading through Sosa City with the rhythm of Japanese traditional drums and festival music go back to Yaegaki Shrine in the end of the celebration. This is the moment when the city gets filled with energy and heat. The streets are full of people and they get excited and enjoy shouting and splashing water on the floats and carriers more than at the first day of the festival. You will be overwhelmed by the climax of this festival and will be charged with the energy after joining this festival.

Things to Do in Sosa City

There are some historical sites and museum that you can visit in Sosa City. The famous tourist spot in Sosa City is Matsuyama Garden Museum. This place is a small place with a beautiful garden. What you see there is something like in the picture book. The green and petite Japanese traditional looking building standing in the forest looks somewhat fairy tale like. Most of the exhibition of this museum relates to cats. And the funny thing is that there are few cats hanging out in the site. If you do not mind cats, you can go and check out this little cute museum.

The other spot you can visit in Sosa City is Hanko Temple. This is the oldest existing temple which functioned as the first higher education facility like university back in the old times. The forests around there are very quiet and well maintained. Walking through this area helps you to calm down your mood.

Access and Details

Dates: August 3rd and 4th in every year

Venue: Around Yaegaki Shrine

Address: 2940 Yōkaichiba I, Sosa, Chiba Prefecture


August 3rd Women float parade in town (女神神輿連合渡御)
August 4th Float parade in town (神輿連合渡御)

Official Homepage (Japanese Only):,6782,236,html


By train:Get off at JR Yōkaichiba Station.

Closing Remarks

Yaegaki Shrine festival is the most energetic festival in Sosa city of Chiba prefecture. You can see women carrying float during the parade. This is so rare to see a bunch of women participating in a Mikoshi parade. Also, you can join the festival by shouting or splashing water to the Mikoshi carriers. Remember the word “あんりゃぁどした!“. You can feel good vibes and energy from people joining this festival.

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